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The Analogue Sons
Dub soul rockers
Ariel Arbisser
Dramatic pop with a rock/soul twist. Soaring, unapologetic vocals.
Bob Roberts Calamity
We have rootless sound that meanders from soulful R&B to Rock Hits of the 80's/90's. Dip our toes into Reggae and drive deep into Hip-Hop. We are alive and appreciators of all music.
Brookton Bridge
Folk Rock from Brooktondale, NY
The Common Railers
Common Railers are a mostly-acoustic four-piece band from Ithaca NY. Their sound ranges from more traditional folk and bluegrass, to singer-songwriter and pop.
Dapper Dan
Folk, Blues, Rock, Reggae, Country
Darkwine: acoustic trio featuring an eclectic mix of songs & 3 part harmonies.
Progressive Indie Dance Funk with a Dash of Cosmic Radiation and Dark Matter
Don Bazley Project
The Project has existed for years as a group of different people playing a variety of covers and originals by Don Bazley.
Feed the Fire
Funky grooves & originals, tasty covers. Edgy psychedelic rock - with some reggae, jazz & soul jams - and killer female vocals!! Light up with us!
The Geronimo Line
The Geronimo Line draws from a variety of influences and genres, including Spaghetti Western, reggae, folk, grunge, 80s pop, African groove and Latin ballads.
Glacial Erotics
Original Music. Rock, Post-Rock, Folk and Funk, Blues and Punk
Head Band
Instrumental soul, funk, rock, and jazz
The Ilium Works
Rock music. somewhat original. guitars, banjos, bass, bang on them drums.
Bombastic Indie Rock
Infrared Radiation Orchestra
psychedelic garage rock
Ironwood plays a mix of originals and covers, including country, blues, and rock.
Janet Batch
Some describe Janet Batch as " hilariously irreverent and heartfelt". She performs originals with a hint of the familiar, and has lovingly been referred to as "The Voice of the Hills".
Anthemic Synth-Washed Rock 'n Roll
Katherine Aelias Band
A folk-rock duo (sometimes a full band) that spends warmer months playing in the Ithaca area, and touring the states, and the rest of the year in Costa Rica.
Kites In Space
Kites in Space are an Indie Folk Rock band from Ithaca, NY
Ithaca, NY
Kitestring is a versatile acoustic rock band from upstate New York that plays original music with influences ranging from 90's Alternative, Americana, to Blues and Soul.
Kurt Riley
The latest and greatest in 21st Century rock and roll. Check out his albums "Brighthead," "Kismet," and "Tabula Rasa" on Spotify and iTunes.
Leo seeks to weave tales of life, loss and love through the music that she creates.
Lome Marsupial
Exploring music of types from soundtrack inspired compositions to also finding raw rock'n'roll very cathartic.
Lora Pendleton
Singer and songwriter
Maddy Walsh & The Blind Spots
Maddy Walsh & The Blind Spots is a tenured, original, six-piece "Moxy Rock" band, fronted by powerhouse female vocals. Their moxy comes from their own punchy, danceable indie pop-rock, and stage presence.
Maple Hill
Maple Hill is a young, vibey pop punk band from Ithaca, NY. Debut album "Headspace" available now on all streaming/purchase platforms!
Mary Lorson
Musician, Composer, Dramatist
Mouth to Mouth to Mouth
Stop-on-a-dime, catchy, technical kit work; tappy guitar hooks, rolling bass-lines and occasional vocals, while breaking out of the standard math-rock mold with elements of punk, post-rock, ambient music, and well placed heaviness for good measure.
Noon Fifteen
Soul rock from Ithaca NY
Papa Muse
High energy melodic rock, touches of prog & dance-able world music with catchy grooves & intelligent lyrics. Papa Muse offers an animated & fun participatory performance.
Patchwork Down
Patchwork Down is an eclectic rock band that consists of Harrison Rumsey, Jerrod Prevost, Warren Bunn and Dale Waite.
Sim Redmond Band
Since their inception in 1999, the Sim Redmond Band has been steadily on the rise, forging new ground in roots music.
The Small Kings
Original rock and roots music
Rock that makes you want to grab a beer and dance! An energetic female-led Rock band with e. Stuelke lead singer and lyricist, Dennis Winge, Joey Arcuri, and John Seeley.
The Soul Benders
Cisco Large & The Soul Benders, defy the norm and deliver a powerhouse celebration of originals filled with blues and soul as well as classic rock covers.
Four dudes traveling through time and space experiencing it all through the world of rock and roll...All aboard!
Stranded With A Kiss
Imagine the grittiest, most ferocious and cherished parts of nineties grunge getting into a good, old fashioned fistfight with the rapid-fire, reckless, black leather 'tude of late eighties punk at some iconic rock club in Detroit...
Sum Dude
Acoustic and electric rock 'n' roll
Often described as a sexy fruit salad that plays upbeat pop-punk and post-punk music in alternating strokes of their flesh-paws, the band is sometimes chided for their unwillingness to take most things and people seriously.
Thru Spectrums
7-piece original funky rock guaranteed to get your toes tapping and your hips shaking!
Toto's Magic Show
Our goal is to create deep, trance-like R&B pockets that will liberate and push listeners into new planes of creative digestion and general life comprehension.
Truth Decay
Truth Decay is a 5 piece band that plays mostly original songs.
The Uncommons
The Uncommons are an energetic, original band from Ithaca, NY. We play original rock music, deep cuts from the '60s, '70s, and some jams.
Strangely intoxicating, dark, sexy prog-pop from Ithaca, NY
Vinegar Williams
Rock Singer/Songwriter, Ithaca, NY
W I N G N U T ... Michael Stark, Walt Lorenzut, & Zaun Marshburn. In 15 years of writing, recording, performing their own brand of songs together, the trio developed a style of communication that lends them a freedom to express music through boundless genres and massive improvisation.
Original art-rock