Guitar : Music Education

Bob Keefe: Guitar Lessons
Lansing / Ithaca, NY
Bob Keefe has taught guitar for over four decades and teaches all styles and all levels of guitar. Classically trained, Bob holds a Masters and PhD in Music from the University of North Texas, one of the best music schools in the United States.
Dennis Winge: Guitar Lessons
Ithaca / Newfield, NY
Not just any old Guitar Lessons... a complete Musical Transformation!
Fall Creek Guitar Studio
Ithaca, NY
Private guitar lessons available to children and adults of all levels and styles (rock, folk, jazz, blues and classical).
Jeff Howell: Bass & Guitar Lessons
Ithaca, NY
Jeff Howell began his bass playing career as a teenager in upstate New York. He played in several bands throughout the years, including Foghat, The Outlaws, The Cats, as well as writing and recording his own music.
Noah Drew: Guitar Lessons
Noah has played with Chemical Flaw, Mill Bastards, The Surf Renegades and The Sutras. He has an encyclopedia of music history, theory and performance technique in his head. E-mail Noah for more information.