This website is a catalog of information about local musicians, venues, teachers, shops and services, etc. Why? Because Ithaca is a great city, and there is a lot of great live music in this area.

Musician Spotlight

Don Slatoff
Don Slatoff plays saxophones (tenor and baritone a specialty), bass clarinet, clarinet, and flute.

Venue Spotlight

Ithaca Farmer's Market
Various locations, Ithaca, NY
The Ithaca Farmers Market hosts musicians and performers from our community and from around the world. There are markets all around town most days of the week in warm weather, and there's the Winter Market too!

Shop/Service Spotlight

REP Studio
110 North Cayuga St, Ithaca, NY
Recording Studio Rental, Mixing, Mastering, Voiceover Services, Custom and Stock Music, Location Recording, Analog to Digital Transfer - ANYTHING Audio

Education Spotlight

Elisa S. Keeler
Broadcast from Ithaca NY
Freeing Your Voice - a singing class series for adults of all levels. Visit website for free online workshop and upcoming class information.

Events: Who's playing? Where? and When?

There isn't any comprehensive list of upcoming music events. Here are some tips to find out the "where and when":

  • If you have a specific musician or venue in mind, find their page on this site, and then go to their respective Facebook pages for primary source info. Be sure to "Like" their pages.
  • FLX Music 24/7 "is your ONE SOURCE for LIVE MUSIC in the Finger Lakes region."
  • Check out WVBR's Concert Log calendar.
  • Evensi seems to be an aggregator of localized Facebook event data that you may find useful.
  • "Dan Smalls Presents" books a few different venues in Ithaca, and they have a calendar on their site.
  • For punk, metal, hip-hop, hardcore music, check out Ithaca Underground.
  • For folk/acoustic music, The Canaan Institute is the best resource I've found. They have a comprehensive calendar, e-mail newsletter, discussion forums, and tons of other useful content.
  • has some live music event listings as well.
  • Ithaca Times Events Calendar

I'll post more links to calendars as I discover them.