This website is a catalog of information about local musicians, venues, teachers, shops and services, etc. Why? Because Ithaca is a great city, and there is a lot of great live music in this area.

Musician Spotlight

The Way
A versatile, fun, and spontaneous rock cover band with an enormous classic rock repertoire led by guitarist Dennis Winge.

Venue Spotlight

Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance
Trumansburg, NY
4 Days. 4 Stages. Over 80 Bands. Y'all come.

Shop/Service Spotlight

Casey Martin
Ithaca, NY
You need Photo? I take photo.

Education Spotlight

Flight Performing Arts
Downtown Ithaca
Develop foundational skills, artistry, community, and belonging through exceptional training in singing, acting, and dance with a holistic wellness focus. Sing Act Dance Belong

Events: Who's playing? Where? and When?

There isn't any comprehensive list of upcoming music events. Here are some tips to find out the "where and when":

  • If you have a specific musician or venue in mind, find their page on this site, and then go to their respective Facebook pages for primary source info. Be sure to "Like" their pages.
  • FLX Music 24/7 "is your ONE SOURCE for LIVE MUSIC in the Finger Lakes region."
  • Check out WVBR's Concert Log calendar.
  • Evensi seems to be an aggregator of localized Facebook event data that you may find useful.
  • "Dan Smalls Presents" books a few different venues in Ithaca, and they have a calendar on their site.
  • For punk, metal, hip-hop, hardcore music, check out Ithaca Underground.
  • For folk/acoustic music, The Canaan Institute is the best resource I've found. They have a comprehensive calendar, e-mail newsletter, discussion forums, and tons of other useful content.
  • has some live music event listings as well.
  • Ithaca Times Events Calendar

I'll post more links to calendars as I discover them.