Other Links of Interest

Finger Lakes Music Press
Finger Lakes Music Press is a project to provide coverage of local music and the people tha make it in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Through documenting performances and events, and conducting interviews, we hope to expand exposure and awareness of the rich variety of artistic talent and the works which they create.
Freeville Music
Freeville Music was formed on August 28, 2006 to bring information about and recordings of local music performances to the performers and to their audience.
Ithaca Craigslist: Musical Instruments
It's Craigslist, proceed with caution.
Ithaca Craigslist: Musicians
It's Craigslist, proceed with caution.
Ithaca Events: Music
Music, arts, and all other kinds of events.
Ithaca Musicians Facebook Group
For Ithaca musicians who want to meet local musicians in the area. Feel free to use this page to find jamming and performance opportunities, advertise here, post videos, etc. Invite people you know! Ithaca is a great place for music.