FingerLakes Audio & Video Recording (FLAVREC)

We (Rob Levine & Alfred Grunwell) are FingerLakes Audio & Video Recording, LLC [or FLAVREC for short].

The FLAVREC approach to audio and video recording and production is both timeless and modern. We respect the artists and the intended audience equally, and so create an artistic product that honors performance values as well as modern sound and/or video requirements. In short, our projects just plain look and sound great!

FLAVREC has successful, perpetually ongoing work with/for theatre groups, musical groups, corporate, and educational events managers because we get the job done. And because each project is unique in its own way, it gets the same unique thoughtful care and consideration; which is why each project rate is quoted separately. And soon, FLAVREC will add drone videography; available for real estate, corporate, education, film production, and various other endeavors.