Punk : Musicians / Groups

The Blasts
The Blasts play classic era punk from the late 70's and early 80's.
Glacial Erotics
Original Music. Rock, Post-Rock, Folk and Funk, Blues and Punk
Ithaca Underground
A not-for-profit organization fostering an underground music community in Ithaca with all-ages events emphasizing punk, hc, metal, hip-hop, & experimental genres.
Mad Cow Tippers
Three guys thrown together by life’s unfortunate circumstances. Although suffering from a number of personal shortcomings, they can still deliver a spicy mix of Americana Cow Punk, Psychobilly and Alternative Country.
Maple Hill
Maple Hill is a young, vibey pop punk band from Ithaca, NY. Debut album "Headspace" available now on all streaming/purchase platforms!
Mill Bastards
Mouth to Mouth to Mouth
Stop-on-a-dime, catchy, technical kit work; tappy guitar hooks, rolling bass-lines and occasional vocals, while breaking out of the standard math-rock mold with elements of punk, post-rock, ambient music, and well placed heaviness for good measure.
Shore Acres Drive
Based in Ithaca, New York, Shore Acres Drive is an indie rock band blending elements of emo, punk, and post-hardcore.
Stranded With A Kiss
Imagine the grittiest, most ferocious and cherished parts of nineties grunge getting into a good, old fashioned fistfight with the rapid-fire, reckless, black leather 'tude of late eighties punk at some iconic rock club in Detroit...
Often described as a sexy fruit salad that plays upbeat pop-punk and post-punk music in alternating strokes of their flesh-paws, the band is sometimes chided for their unwillingness to take most things and people seriously.
Viva Mayhem
¡Viva Mayhem! is an 8-piece high-energy avant-garde ska/punk band out of Ithaca, New York.