Funk : Musicians / Groups

The Auroras
The Auroras are a four-piece rhythm section centered around the smokey contralto of lead singer, Hannah Kasoff. Songwriter and guitarist, Liam Lawson, describes the sound as "future soul" – a marriage of classic R&B grooves with ethereal guitar and an experimental outlook.
Big Mean Sound Machine
Big Soul Family Band
We play covers from funk/rock/soul favorites.
City Limits
Blues, rock, and funk
Progressive Indie Dance Funk with a Dash of Cosmic Radiation and Dark Matter
The Destination
The Destination is a 9-pc. dance band with its musical focus in the genres of R&B, Latin influenced material, Swing and Funk.
Fall Creek Brass Band
The Fall Creek Brass Band brings an army of trombones, trumpets, saxophones, drums, and sousaphones that is guaranteed to get everybody up out of their seat and on their dancing feet!
Feed the Fire
Funky grooves & originals, tasty covers. Edgy psychedelic rock - with some reggae, jazz & soul jams - and killer female vocals!! Light up with us!
Glacial Erotics
Original Music. Rock, Post-Rock, Folk and Funk, Blues and Punk
Head Band
Instrumental soul, funk, rock, and jazz
Ithaca, NY
Ithaca based musicians Ginny Maddock and Hannah Martin combine their illustrious vocals and join magical forces on keys and drumset to bring some fresh takes on your favorite classics.
Mama Rabwa
Mama Rabwa is a Funk and Blues band, inspired by P-Funk, Sly, Fela, Ohio Players, Etta James, Koko Taylor and much more.
Mutron Warriors
Since 2006, The Mutron Warriors have been dedicated to delivering heavy, raw, adrenaline-fueled music people want to dance to. The band’s sound steadily evolves, and yet remains deeply rooted in funk, soul, and afrobeat. Hailing from the Ithaca area, this band has become a favorite with regional festivals and clubs.
NEO Project
NEO Project is a professional seven piece, high energy dance band rooted in funky R&B grooves, afro cuban/caribbean rhythms & jazzy, bluesy soul.
Road Man
"Road Man" is the solo project of Jon Petronzio, previously known best for his vocal and keyboard work with the bands "John Brown's Body" and "Revision".
Thousands of One
Conscious music, revolution sounds, liberation time! With spirited live shows, Thousands of One jumps from activist/retro soul to afrobeat/funk/reggae jams to underground Hiphop with a funk rock edge.
Thru Spectrums
7-piece original funky rock guaranteed to get your toes tapping and your hips shaking!
Toto's Magic Show
Our goal is to create deep, trance-like R&B pockets that will liberate and push listeners into new planes of creative digestion and general life comprehension.
Under Construction
Local rock 'n' roll